Welcome To OZLO Hair Design

At Ozlo Hair Design we believe there are a number of factors which make us different than the rest.

Colourists & Stylists

Each member of staff is both a stylist & colourist which gives a better insight into the scope of hair and ensures an end result with both colour and cut complementing each other. At Ozlo, we do do not see cutting and colouring as separate but rather interdependent on each other. When the client is looking for colour, we will consider the cut, when the client is looking for a cut, we will consider the colour. This incorporates the use of a technique known as Colour Placement which involves placing colour on specific areas based on the fall of the hair.

Colouring Techniques

Some of the words used to describe our Colouring techniques would be: Bleed Colour, Smudge Colour, Block Colour & Surround Colour. A unique feature of Ozlo Hair Design's Cutting techniques is the extensive usage of thinning scissors, cut throats, thinning blades & razors. This gives our work an edge which is unsurpassable and will not be seen elsewhere. Blades are used to shape and texturize the hair in relation to its natural fall, whilst at all times maintaining optimum condition of the hair.


Now at home with Lunatic Fringe @ Robert Chambers, Ozlo is located in the heart of Dublin City Centre at 69 Grafton Street. Many cultures and age groups influence the area and this atmosphere allows us to stay ahead and offer our clientele the cutting edge when it comes to Hair Design.

Some of our Recent Styles

We style hair to the highest standard.You'll look great stepping out of our salon.

Danielle Cunniffe

This is just a note to say you and your team did a fantastic job on my sisters hair today. Both her cut and colour are perfect! You are a skilled team indeed. She was delighted this evening showing off her to me. It's great to see how you guys can make people so happy with your work. Well done. See you soon!

Liz McBride

I love Ozlo Hair Design. I've been going there since 2004 and it's always an enjoyable experience!!

Sue Doheny

I actually couldn't let anyone else cut my hair! I was dying to get my hair cropped for so long and I'm so glad I picked Karl to do it a couple of years ago. Each haircut I love more and more. Karl really understands hair and is a pure perfectionist and I'd highly recommend him, especially for curly hair girls or anyone wanting to take the plunge and go short!